Italian Limestone

From floorings to antique wall coverings and design projects: the world of Pimar speaks different languages, becoming a reference point for architects, designers and planners.

ASL Stone is your Exclusive Provider of Pimar Italian Limestone in the US.

Characterized by particular qualities of flexibility, Pimar natural limestone can be used, in different ways, in modern building construction, donating to the facades of buildings, hotels, interiors or design objects an extraordinary new light.

Its calcareous constituent components give to the limestone its compactness and special luminosity, while its unique structure is enriched by the presence of fossil fragments. Various types of stone are extracted, which differ in terms of color, homogeneity, age and composition; in particular, we should mention the pale yellow, white and grey types.

This stone is a natural resource, processed skillfully by master craftsmen who continue to enhance its creative use in many fields, including the building industry, street furnishings, and interior design. A goal that only a made in Italy product such as Pimar natural limestone can ensure, thanks to the passion and the ultra-centenary experience, that allowed Pimar to be known all over the world. Contact ASL Stone today to learn how Pimar Italian Limestone can enhance your next project.

“The stones breathe.  Once every thousand years and our life is too short to perceive it.”

– Fabrizio Caramagna

Pimar Production Chains

Hardness and strength meet an unexpected versatility. The stone comes to life with its multifaceted soul, adapting to new different styles, perfect for hotels, resorts, villas, luxury apartments and to brighten up spaces creating suggestive atmospheres.

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